Why the cold press Oils from Harakh Group?

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Cold pressed oils are extracted without heating or any chemical process.These oils are in most natural forms ad they are present in plant seeds. Cold pressed oils makes sure fatty acid bonds in oil seeds remain intact. These oils are much healthier options than refined oils which we mostly used.

What is refining process and why it is not healthy?

The word refining is associated mostly with oil industry because they made it synonymous to pure or clear, but refining process is used in many food items and it’s equally harmful everywhere.Apart from edible oil, sugar industry or flour industry, salt also uses refining process.

Why this refining started in first place?For earning more and more profits companies wanted some means of using cheaper material. Cheaper material was obviously low quality seeds or low quality agri produce as good quality produce was highly priced.

This made way to refining process. Products like oil, sugar, flour or salt are made from cheapest raw material and then it is bleached, deodorized, decoloured and then essence or flavour is added if required to give it good taste and aroma.

That’s the reason “Refined” products look shiny, white, transparent, standard etc. But, something which is low quality in first place… can’t be turned into high quality anyways.It can just be polished or made good-looking Not only refined foods are low in nutrition value but also they are dangerous and extremely harmful due to over usage of chemicals.

Removing refined products completely from your day to day life will help you improve your metabolic rate, digestion, blood pressure and it will certainly reduce intensity and probability of lifestyle disorders.

So switch to natural, unrefined traditionally made products and say bye bye to refined products and switch to traditionally made, unrefined, chemical free options now.