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Kalonji Oil

  • BENEFITS: One of the best natural oils for hair growth, shine and blackening. Also used as pain relief oil for knees and joints pains. Known to help tone muscles on prolonged use.
  • EXTRACTION METHOD: Cold Pressing; PLANT PART USED: Seeds (Kalonji Seeds)
  • ORIGIN: India
  • BIGGER BOTTLE BIGGER SAVINGS: We understand that this oil does not need dilution and needs to be applied lavishly, so, keeping YOU in mind, we launched this 100ml packaging at bulk prices to live by our motto "AFFORDABLE WELLNESS". Each oil comes in a beautiful 100ml PET bottle that is fully recyclable.
  • STORAGE & USAGE: Store this product in a cool and dry place. Not for Internal Use. Not to be used for edible purposes like cooking

American Almond Oil

Almond oil is extracted from almonds ? which are the edible seeds of the almond tree (called Prunus dulcis). Almond trees come in both sweet and bitter varieties. Sweet almond oil is almost always used in scientific studies, given its safety. It has a nutty smell with a light sweetness.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseeds are considered very effective for reducing cholesterol. Flaxseed is used in various forms throughout India.Harakh Naturals Cold Pressed Flaxseed

Neem Oil

One major use of neem oil is that it can be used as a natural and organic pesticide for your home garden.

Safflower Oil

  • It is well known for its lower SFA content. This makes it good oil for deep frying.We extract safflower oil on wooden churner which keeps its natural properties and aroma unchanged and lets you enjoy great taste and health. Safflower is flower plant which has yellow coloured flowers like sunflower. It has small white seeds.
    Oil is extracted from these seeds which have around 40% oil.

White Sesame Oil

Cold Pressed Sesame oil is one of the oldest oils used in India along with coconut oil. Like coconut oil Sesame oil has been used in multiple ways and not just for cooking. Like all other oils, sesame oil also undergoes a refining process, which destroys many of the health benefits of the real sesame oil extracted from sesame seeds.

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